How It Works

What you need to get it done is at If you have items that you don't use and want to make money, list your items for rent now.

If you need to complete a project, you need items for your vacation, or feel in the mood for trying a new hobby without spending money to buy stuff, with rentus you can try it before you buy it. With rentus!

  • Create an account. It is easy!

  • List your items for free. Be sure to take good pictures.

  • Get notification that your item was rented
  • Coordinate pickup or delivery with Renter.
  • Get your items back.
  • Close the rent in your dashboard. Give the renter a rating.
  • Recommend to all your friends.
  • Watch your bank account grow. Repeat!
  • Search for what you need. You can search by category, name of the product or keyword.
  • Select the items you need and the dates you will be using them
  • Book your reservation
  • Contact owner to arrange pickup or delivery.
  • Get it done!
  • Return the item on time.
  • Close the rent and rate the owner
  • Recommend to all your friends and Repeat!

By renting your items or assets you can become a real Rentlord with Let the profits begin!