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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on Jan 02, 2017

FAQs (Owners)

Once you complete the simple registration, listing items for rent is easy and free. You need a description of the item and a couple of pictures.
It is a fact that an image speaks more than a thousand words. You will need one main image and as many additional images as you can to fully showcase your item. Take pictures with your smartphone or a camera. Get all the angles of the item and if necessary, show how the item is used. Upload them and that's it.
We make it easy. When listing your item, we will ask you a couple of questions. How much did you pay for the item? When did you buy it? And what is its actual condition? We will then suggest a Security Deposit based on the current market value (based on year, price you paid when bought, condition of item and standard depreciation formula). You may change the value to suit your needs.
Let's keep it simple and honest. Your item must be fully functional and safe to use. As far as the condition, here are our suggestions:

Fair condition: More than usual wear & tear, Scratches, missing paint, damage.

Good condition: Normal wear & tear, some scratches, missing paint.

Better condition: Very few scratches, almost new.

Best condition: Like new or comparable.

As we are writing the rules of the sharing economy, we have discovered that a good rule of thumb, for now, is 5 to 10% of the item current market value of the item is a good daily rental price. So for example, if your item has a current market value of $1000, a good daily rental price should be between $50 and $100
Most rental experts use a simple formula of 3x or 4x the daily rental price for a 7-day (weekly) rental price. It is a good incentive to give your renters a discount if they want to use your item for more than 3 or 4 days.
This is entirely up to you but here are some suggestions: First of all, you want to remain competitive and you also want to make sure that if something happens to your item, you will get paid for it. So, we suggest an amount close to the current market value of the item (based on condition, age and purchase price with regular depreciation).
As a user of rentus, everyone, owners and renters are required to accept and agree to our website standard terms and conditions. Some owners may have specific terms and conditions and insurance requirements you need to agree to. Make sure to check on each item's terms and conditions on the description of the item.
rentus is the only marketplace where you can make money and keep making money by renting out items you own without letting them go. Listing items for rent is free. We handle the monetary transaction and our merchant bank keeps the money in a secured escrow vault. When the item is returned to you, and you close the rental, 80% of the rental fees are transferred to your bank account. That simple and rewarding!
When the item is returned to you, and you close the rental, 80% of the rental fees are transferred to your bank account. Be sure that you have given us your banking information.
Things happen and we are here to help. First, the security deposit placed on the Renter’s credit card will be used to pay for repairs or replacement of the damaged item. Secondly, we offer comprehensive damage waiver coverage. This coverage covers up to $7500 in case you item is damaged.

With that said, if the item is damaged, we expect you and the renter to come up with an agreement as to how much it will take to get the item repaired. We will then instruct the bank to proceed with charging the renter that amount out of the security deposit and send it to you. If the renter purchased the damage waiver, we will help you file a claim and get your item repaired.

Please note that the repair amount can't exceed the security deposit amount and there are some restrictions on the damage waiver coverage. These are there for everyone’s protection.
Although we hope for the best, we plan for the worst. We will immediately ask the bank to release the security deposit to you. Of course we will go through the dispute process and if necessary, a police report may be needed. A huge disclaimer is that we have zero tolerance for fraudulent and dishonest behavior. We will ban for life any person that plays any dishonest games using our platform. We will also report any fraudulent behavior to the authorities and make sure that person is persecuted to the maximum extent of the law. Period!
It's easy. We work for you. We spend our resources on marketing and technology to bring you the people that need to rent your items. For this, we earn a success fee of just 20%. This covers the credit card fees and our expenses. That easy, that profitable.
YES we do! As a renter, you are encouraged to purchase the additional damage waiver protection. The Rentus.com Rental Equipment Damage Waiver waives the Renter’s responsibility for accidental damage to the equipment while in his/her possession and control.

The "Rental Equipment Damage Waiver" is optional on all rental equipment. This covers the renter for accidental damage to the rental equipment

FAQs (Renters)

Yes, there is no limit, as to how many items you can rent. Because some items require large security deposits, these deposits will show as authorizations in your credit card statement. Your credit limit is the only factor that may limit the number of items you can rent at a time. For us, the more the merrier.
Once the rental transaction is completed, both the owner and the renter will get each other's contact information. You two arrange a place and time to meet for pick up and delivery. Happy renting!
Things happen. We truly believe in the honor system, so be nice, admit the damage and the owner will determine how much it would take to repair it. Like anything else in life, telling the truth will set you in a good position.

Your best choice is always to pay for the repairs or replacement of the item. If you fail to pay for the repairs or replacement, we will release the security deposit placed on your credit card to pay for the repairs.

If you purchased the damage waiver protection, we will help you initiate a claim. You will only be responsible for the deductive in this case.

With that said, we have a zero-tolerance policy for dishonest behavior for everyone.
Be sure that you contact the owner and let him/her know that you will be late. Owner may have rented the item to someone else and may cause conflict if you don't communicate on time. Late charges or additional rental days may be charged of course.
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You can use any debit card as a credit card as well.
Yes, the owner of the item individually sets the security deposit. This ensures the owner that a monetary deposit protects the item in case something happens to the item.
When you book a rental with rentus, we will place a temporary authorization on your credit card equal to the amount of the security deposit. In case of damage or loss, we will use this authorization to pay the owner the amount for repairs you and the owner agree to.

FAQs (Companies)

If you represent a company, when registering on rentus, be sure to put the name of your company on your profile. This will ensure that your items are listed under your company's name. But, keep in mind that rentus is a matchmaking platform that will match you with people that need what you have to rent, so we encourage one main contact in your company to be ready to manage the rentus rentals.
Yes, we have corporate packages, inventory management services and picture management services. So, if you have more than 50 items you would like to rent on rentus, give us a call at 818-296-9344. One of our rental consultants will visit you and make sure you get the best exposure on our platform.

Functional Guide [User Guide]

  • 1. Registering with RentUs
  • 2. Listing an Item you want to rent out
  • 3. Searching for an item on RentUs
  • 4. Browsing the RentUs catalog
  • 5. Paying for stuff you rent on RentUs
  • 6. Setting unavailable dates for items you have listed
  • 7. Editing items you have listed on Rentus
  • 8. Become a featured listing
  • 9. Communicating on RentUs
  • 10. Getting help from someone at RentUs
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