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4000 ANSI Lumen High Brightness

Sharp’s advanced optoelectronics technology in a three-LCD projection system maximises light output, providing efficient 4000 ANSI lumen brightness and excellent uniformity, delivering a bright, easy-to-see image even in large brightly-lit rooms. 

600:1 High Contrast

Using newly developed contrast-improved film from the latest optoelectronics technology, 600:1 high contrast is achieved for efficient and loss-free light capture. Dark areas in pictures, which often become dim and obscured with darker blacks, are reproduced with greater contrast: brighter, clearer, crisper. 

New Lens Design for Superb Image Quality

Employs a newly developed high quality lens to handle such sophisticated commercial usage as creation of video walls and projection of bigger size images. High quality projection is achieved—distortion free and with no flare.


Enhanced Progressive Mode

The Progressive Mode of the previous I/P Conversion still had jagged lines and unclear images. Enhanced Progressive Mode (3D Progressive) with correction circuitry compensates for this interference, to provide a natural and smooth picture.

Enhanced Three-Two Pull Down

Using the Film Mode, the XG-P25X can beautifully reproduce movie film recorded in 24 Hz progressive format.


Dynamic Gamma Correction

STANDARD and CINEMA settings of the VIDEO mode incorporate a Dynamic Gamma function for optimising Gamma correction frame by frame in real time, thus providing a crisp and vivid image.

Intelligent and Anti-Aliasing Digital Keystone Correction

The Anti-Aliasing Digital Keystone Correction compensates for picture distortion slanting that occurs when images are projected from an angle. This system smoothes out jaggies on keystone images and compresses the image keeping the 4:3 aspect ratio. Even if the 4:3 aspect ratio changes due to lens shift, v-size adjustment allows you to keep this ratio.

Enhanced Digital Image Enlargement

When creating a video wall or working with an enlarged image, the resulting picture is sometimes unclear or has a jagged appearance. The Enlarged Digital Image Enlargement employs a far more advanced smoothing technology, producing a crisp and even picture.

Advanced Intelligent Compression

Advanced Intelligent Compression makes fine, faint lines and letters clearer and sharper, suitable for projecting graphics, graph materials and PC menus, providing superb legibility.


Super Quiet Operation

The XG-P25X uses large Sirocco Fans for more efficient cooling as well as reduced fan noise. While boasting a super-high brightness of 4000 ANSI lumen, the projector achieves an amazing 37 dB noise level, eliminating annoying sounds during presentations and meetings. Also, in Low Power mode using the built-in Power Save function, projection with the low noise of 35 dB is achieved.

Lens Shift Function

Easily and finely adjusts the images in angle projection with the lens shift dial though the range of lens shift angle depends on the lens type.

Easy Lens Change System

With the top hood system of the AN-P9MX and AN-P48EZ, loosen two screws to remove the top hood for lens changing. Even when the top hood is removed, the LCD panel is sealed to prevent dust build-up and can make control of image adjustments as well as lens shift adjustments.

Wide Range of Connection Terminals

A wide range of connection terminals is included to facilitate connections with various types of hardware.

A PC or a control system with an RS-232C connection can manage a network of up to 250 XG-P25X projectors. Output terminals enable a daisy chain configuration and eliminate the need for a distributor. 
An ID number can be set on each connected unit.

Self Diagnosis

The XG-P25X projector includes a self-diagnosis function to constantly check its condition. When trouble occurs, such as a lamp burning out, the projector sends an error message to a management PC with Sharp Advanced Presentation Software (SAPS) Professional Edition*1 installed, which then automatically relays the projector’s message to a registered address. The software also enables setting the PC to regularly check each projector’s condition and sending their reports by e-mail, as well as keeping a record of those reports.

*1 Sharp Advanced Presentation Software Professional Edition is included in the supplied CD-ROM and can also be downloaded from the Sharp Global Home Page ( for free.

Multiple and Group Projector Control

A manegement PC with SAPS Professional Edition installed can control up to 250 projectors individually. In addition, group setting is possible for up to 99 groups formed from these projectors, to control each group separately.

Simple Stacking Projection

For brighter images, two XG-P25X projectors, for example, can be stacked in a Master/Slave configuration, providing 8000 ANSI lumen (4000 x 2)*2 brightness for the XG-P25X. The Slave is controlled by the Master during projection through an RS-232C connection.

*2 When using the supplied standard zoom lens.

Video Wall

The XG-P25X can link with other XG-P25X projectors to create a video wall projection, eliminating the need for a picture division processor, and allowing easy image settings from a PC when using a single video source. The video wall can consist of from 2 x 2 projectors to 8 x 8 projectors.

Control System Compatibility

The XG-P25X provides superior compatibility with various control systems such as Crestron, AMX and Extron.


Advanced Compatibility with High-end PCs, Workstations and DTV

Incorporating proprietary Sharp LSI Technology, the XG-P25X works with the powerful PCs and workstations used for specialised applications, such as, medical, prepress DTP, CAD and CAM.

  • Horizontal Frequency: 15andndash;126 kHz
  • Vertical Frequency: 43andndash;200 Hz
  • Pixel Clock: 12andndash;230 MHz
  • Compatible with Sync. on Green and Composite Sync. signals andndash; Compatible with workstations (SUN, SGI, IBM, HP)
  • HDTV/DTV Compatible: 480I/480P/580I/580P/720P/1035I/1080I
  • UXGA (1,600 x 1,200), SXGA (1,280 x 1,024) and Macintosh 21" (1,280 x 1,024) Compatible in Advanced Intelligent Compression
  • True XGA (1,024 x 768), SVGA, VGA and Macintosh (19"/16"/13") Compatible


3D Digital Uniformity

Three-Dimensional Digital Uniformity compensates for uneven picture brightness at all picture brightness levels from white to dark. 

Without OCS panel and
3D Digital UniformityWith OCS Panel and 
3D Digital Uniformity

4 Position Gamma Correction

Gamma is an image quality enhancement function that offers a richer image by brightning the darker portions of the image without altering the brightness of the brighter portions. Four preset Gamma values (STANDARD, PRESENTATION, CINEMA and CUSTOM) can be selected to allow for differences in the images displayed and in the brightness of the room. CUSTOM mode can be set directly from the PC by users using the included software.


  • Picture-in-Picture
  • The XG-P25X can add video images onto a data screen image, providing you with even more effective presentations. 

  • High-Speed Auto Response Adjust (ARA)
  • Automatically and quickly synchronises in 2 to 3 seconds the projection settings, pixel clock, phase and horizontal and vertical positioning. 

  • Sharp Original Pull-Down Menu GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • The easy-to-use icon-based GUI shows how to adjust pictures, languages and other settings, and single adjustment items can be displayed without disturbing the screen with menu bars. 

  • Digital Enlarge, Freeze
  • Freeze
  • Customizable Startup Screen & Background Screen
  • High-Quality Video Circuits (3D Y/C Separation, Digital Comb Filter, Noise Reduction, Colour Transient and Y Delay)
  • Multi System Video Compatibility (NTSC/NTSC4.43/PAL/PAL-60 Hz/PAL-M/PAL-N/SECAM)

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