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RED Dragon - available for rent in Los Angeles, Burbank & Hollywood - $2,000 per day / $6,000 per week / $20,000 per month

The EPIC-M DRAGON gives you astounding 6K shooting capability - 9 times more pixels than HD - with greater detail results than 35mm film in both latitude and image density. The RED Dragon sensor produces softer skin tones, vibrant primary colors, and subtle variations in tones. Improved noise control and low-light shooting means you can push your ISO to 2000 and still produce footage suitable for theater. This camera is for advanced filmmakers and cinematographers looking to produce the highest quality video possible for documentary, narrative, and broadcast purposes.

Package includes RED Dragon Body, DSMC Side Dandle, EVF Bomb, Red 5" Touchscreen, Redmote, Top Handle and Quick release, 12" dovetail, (4) RV batt w/ charger,(2) 128GB SSD Card w/ SSD Reader, EVF cable, Screen cable, Synch Cable and custom case.  Please specify EF or PL lens mount.

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