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GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition

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$50.00/day $150.00/week

The GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Camera is 20% smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the HERO3. It also features faster built-in Wi-Fi than the HERO3. The HERO3+ is designed for recording a variety of adventure sports and it comes with a rugged housing that is waterproof down to a depth of 131' (40m). The camera captures 4K Cinema, 2.7K Cinema, 1440p and Full HD 1080p video. It can shoot 960p and 720p video as well. The camera supports both NTSC and PAL video systems, and it can record up to 120 frames per second (fps) when shooting in 720p mode. For still images, the HERO3+ supports up to 12MP photos with a burst rate of up to 30 fps.


Product Terms


​Please read paragraph III Insurance Responsibility.  This applies to equipment valued at over $3,5000 USD.


Rental Agreement

This Rental Agreement is entered into as of the dated listed below by and between Pro HD Holdings, Inc. (D.B.A. Pro HD Rentals), referred to herein as "Renter" and the customer listed above, referred to herein as "Rentee."  For good and valuable consideration Renter agrees to rent the equipment noted on the rental order referenced above subject to the following terms and conditions:

I.        Equipment Rental

1.       Rentee acknowledges that he has inspected and received equipment as itemized and in good working condition. Rentee accepts full responsibility for the return of said equipment in the same condition in which it was received; allowing for normal use and wear; and that he further accepts responsibility for the full cost of repairs or replacement necessitated by loss or damage of said equipment during this rental period.

2.       Rentee agrees to pay all rental and shipping charges incurred from the time said equipment leaves the premises or control of Renter, and for the duration of the rental period, which shall be terminated only upon the return of said equipment to the premises and control of Renter.

3.       Rentee accepts responsibility to report all malfunctions immediately to Renter, whose sole option it shall be to replace or repair the equipment or to terminate the rental. Rentee understands that any rescindment of rental charges are at the sole discretion of Renter, and are contingent upon immediate notification by Rentee and subsequent verification of any malfunction by Renter. Rentee further understands that there is no possibility of refund or reduction in rental fees or Rentee's commitment to Renter unless Rentee has (1) gone over the equipment carefully upon return with a member of our technical staff; and (2) has reported the problem(s) promptly; and (3) has made sure that problems have been detailed upon return on the original contract paperwork.

4.       Rentee agrees that Renter is free from all losses, costs or liabilities, including film stock and/or production costs arising out of the use, or because of the use of rented equipment and accepts that in no case shall the responsibility be with Renter.

5.       Rentee agrees to have no repairs performed on rented equipment without the express written consent of Renter. Equipment rented by Renter may not be used on any abnormal or hazardous assignment, taken out of the continental United States, or airlifted in any way other than on regularly scheduled domestic commercial carriers. Any deviation from this policy must be approved by Renter in advance.

6.       Rentee agrees to report all thefts or losses within forty eight (48) hours of occurrence accompanied by a police report and a written account of the incident by the Rentee.

7.       Rental items not returned by rental contract expiration date will be considered missing or stolen unless Rentee obtains from Renter a rental extension, recorded on the contract, prior to the original equipment return date. After that time, any deposit security (e.g. equipment or cash), becomes the property of Renter, and may be used and/or liquidated at its discretion to defray rental charges and/or replacement costs. Any excess of such charges and costs beyond the deposit value shall be owed by Rentee, and no further business with the Rentee shall be allowed until such time as the charges are cleared by full payment.

8.       Rentee understands that Renter may take up to 5 business days after the equipment has been returned to perform a detailed inspection and notify the customer of any damaged or missing equipment.  Equipment deposits will be held until such inspection have been performed. 


II. Financial Responsibility

1.       Rentee agrees that no rental charges paid shall apply towards the purchase, repair or replacement of rental equipment. Rentee further agrees that deposits can be used to off set such charges as provided in Section I.7. of this Agreement. Rentee shall pay rent on the equipment at the rate set forth on the Rental Order Referenced at the top of this agreement.

2.       Unless arranged otherwise in advance, rentals are due and payable upon pickup of the equipment at the start of the rental period.

3.       Extended or "Long Term" rentals beyond a 30-day period will be billed and due on a monthly basis commencing with the date one calendar month from the pickup date of the rental.

4.       Rentee is responsible for the payment of any and all fees incurred by Renter (i.e. attorney's fees, court costs, transportation, collection costs, etc.) in the recovery or attempt at recovery of rental equipment not returned as agreed.

5.       The Rentee shall compensate Renter for any loss sustained as a result of partial or full equipment cancellation, if notice is not given at least 24 hours in advance of agreed upon pickup time. Renter retains the right to charge a reasonable preparation fee up to the full one day rental charge for cancellations without proper notice.

6.       Renter retains the right to charge Rentee for any concealed damage revealed after Rentee has left the rented equipment with Renter.

7.       If Rentee fails to pay any rental fees or other amounts due to the Renter, or in a timely manner, perform any covenant, condition or obligation under this contractual agreement, or if a proceeding in bankruptcy, receivership or insolvency shall be instituted by or against Rentee, then Renter may give verbal or written notice to Rentee of termination of this agreement, which right of termination shall be in addition to any other rights of Renter under the law. In the event that such notice of termination is given, Rentee shall immediately return the equipment to the premises of Renter, without further demand or notice, and without court order or legal process. This agreement shall be terminated upon such return of the equipment, but such termination shall not operate to rescind Rentee's obligation to pay all amounts owned to Renter by Rentee.

III. Insurance Responsibility

1.       All rental customers are requested to supply a certificate of insurance verifying sufficient and current coverage for any and all rental equipment to the offices of Pro HD Holdings, Inc. DBA Pro HD Rentals, 2201 North Hollywood Way, Suite #1, Burbank, CA 91505. The certificate must include the following provisions:

a.       Renter is named as "Loss Payee" in regards to equipment rented to the insured (i.e. the Rentee); and

b.       the coverage must be "All Risk" for full "Replacement Cost" or "Replacement Value" with policy limit equal to or greater than the value of the entire package being rented at any one time.

2.       This certificate of insurance must be on file in our office prior to the release of any equipment. Rentee is fully and personally responsible for all equipment rented to him/her.   Rentee agrees that the policy evidenced by the certificate will not be materially modified during the term of the rental without prior approval by the Renter.

3.       If Rentee is unable to present an adequate certificate of insurance, Renter must make a deposit equal to the replacement cost of the equipment rented.

By agreeing, RENTER and RENTEE agree to the above terms and conditions. Each warrants to the other that the person signing below has full authority to enter into this Agreement and/or sign this Agreement on behalf of a corporate or like business entity.


This is in addition to Rntus.com’ standard terms and conditions and Renter Agreement.

Rental Equipment Damage Waiver

The Rentus.com Rental Equipment Damage Waiver waives your responsibility for accidental damage to the equipment while in your possession and control. You must still take reasonable precautions to protect the equipment and not intentionally damage the equipment.

The "Rental Equipment Damage Waiver" is optional on all rental equipment. This covers the renter for accidental damage to the rental equipment.

What Waiver Covers:
Limits renter's financial responsibility to 10% of the total cost of repairs or $150 minimum deductible.
Covers up to the stated current market value of the equipment as stated by the owner when listing the equipment on Rentus.com with a maximum of $7500 in total repairs for accident or collision. Renter is responsible for any additional costs over the stated market value or $7500.
Rental Equipment Damage Waiver Exceptions

Even with the Damage Waiver, damage or loss caused by burglary, theft, conversion, misuse, abuse intentional or negligent damage or destruction, or similar causes remain your responsibility including without limitation:
Use or operation of equipment in a manner inconsistent with the manufacturer's instructions, or contrary to the rental contract.
Use or operation of equipment while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Loss or damage to accessory equipment such as welding leads, electric cords, bits, batteries, hoses, tires, tubes, or harnesses, etc.
Loss due to inventory shortage, wrongful conversion or any dishonest act by customer or by a person entrusted by customer with the equipment, including customer's employees, sub-contractors or agents.
Loss or damage due to flood, storm, earthquake, or other external factors.
Loss or damage due to overloading or exceeding rated capacity, misuse, abuse, or improper servicing of the equipment.
Seizure or destruction of the equipment by order of a government authority.
All loss or damage of equipment caused by theft, vandalism, or malicious mischief.
Tire repair is the responsibility of the renter.

DAMAGE WAIVER IS NOT INSURANCE Damage waiver is NOT insurance. You are still responsible for all personal injuries or property damage as set forth in the Rental Contract or operation of the equipment. The Damage Waiver is enforced for the same duration as the rental period. A rental period begins when you pick up the rented equipment and ends when the rented item is returned.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: A security deposit will be held. Security deposit is due when rental is booked. The Company may use your deposit to pay any amounts owed to us under this agreement. If the amount of the security deposit is insufficient to satisfy all amounts due then the Renter agrees to pay all charges in excess, either by personal check or cashier's check. Deposit may be used to pay any amounts owed to us under this Agreement.

PROOF OF CONDITION: When picking up the equipment, both the Owner and the Renter must take pictures of at least 4 angles of the equipment item. These pictures must be timed stamped. In order to file a claim, we would need to see those pictures to prove the condition of the equipment when it was delivered to the renter. Failure to have these pictures when presenting a claim may result on the claim to be denied.

LIABILITY INSURANCE: Renter is responsible for all damage or loss you cause to himself or others due to the operation of the rented equipment.

You may choose to purchase or decline this on the checkout page.